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Test Scenarios

This is where you can help and make some suggestions for what this will need to test for, and how the "suite" will deal with these situations

  • These will also have to be carried out in/on (and clients of/with):
    • XP SP3
    • Win 7
      • x86
      • 64 bit
    • Server 2008 R2
      • (Yes I am missing Vista and 2008 32bits on purpose !)
  • Missing Physical Location
  • Read only Physical Location
  • No Space in Physical location(s)
  • Physical location disappears after service start
  • User account is removed
  • Collision of directories
    • What to do if one of them is readonly
  • Collision of files in apparent same location
  • Folder Share
  • Folder Library (Win 7 and above)
  • Mount point usage Move to duplicate dirname does not work correctly.
  • Junction Redirects
  • Number of files open exceeds the number of threads
  • Strange programs
    • Media-Browser does "funny things" when opening files
    • IIS Shares
    • Lots' of files being open and closed rapidly (C++ project builds)
  • The existing Dokan problems (Reported in
  • Problems Encountered:-

  • Copy / Move over existing (File / Directory)
  • Delete / rename / move spanned directories
  • Restart service ad then the shares not being created.
  • Restart Machine and the shares not being re-enabled on SBS7
  • Mount points starting at sub dirs (Not drive roots)
  • Space calculations when using Mounted drives into directories
  • [workitem:7540]

High five

High five


The Following is the current Test Scenario Table

please print out or take a copy and fill in the pass fail criteria and open new (Or re-open) Issues.

2011-##-## Release Name: ____________________

!! Remember to turn off the AV's on the source and Merge points !!

Source OS

used for the Mount:- __________

Put in the Issue Numbers.

Install Testing
  1. Attempt Install without Dokan
  2. Attempt install with earlier version of Dokan
  3. Clean install
  4. Look for TrayIcon
  5. Start of Management program
  6. Look in explorer for the N Drive
  7. Check that it has the C Drive contents.
  8. Ensure Readonly / Hidden attributes (e.g $Recycler) on files and Drives
  9. Check for security
  10. Upgrade (Install older - then install this version) (Check the build number displayed in the management app)
  11. Ctrl Click and stop / start service on Tray App
  12. Double click on the tray app multiple times (Only 1 managment app should start)

Test management app.

  1. Delete the C drive
  2. Attempt to select mount letter already in use by OS
  3. Attempt to type a long Mount volume label (Use paste)
  4. Drag some drives / directories into the merge area.
  5. Drag the same drives / directories again
  6. Re-Order the entries /
  7. Attempt to Use a network drive (Shouldn't be shown)
  8. Send the configuration (Does a messageBox appear)
  9. Open Logging file(s) - ensure file end is displayed
  10. Change Name and reload
  11. Change logging and reload
  12. Open Logging file(s) - ensure file end is displayed
  13. Use tray app, to open the "Free space view"
  14. Check logging for the tray app. /

Explorer testing

  1. Use notepad to create / reopen / edit file(s) /
  2. Use Wordpad to create / reopen / edit file(s)
  3. Create directories (Hierarchy)
  4. Rename base directory
  5. Fill a source drive and then see where a new file will be created.
  6. Right click and observe the properties of a file (Attribs and time stamps) /
  7. Delete a file and see if goes into the Recycle Bin /
  8. Run an application from the mount drive

Application Access Testing

  1. Use Teracopy to copy to the Mount and from a share
  2. Use PureSync to copy to the Mount /
  3. Use FreeFileSync to copy to the Mount
  4. Use WMPlayer /
  5. VLC Over the share
  6. Use firefox to download to the mount

Share Testing

  1. Create a share
  2. Use management app to view the shares and save
  3. Restart and see if share is re-enabled
  4. Restart OS and see if share is re-enabled
  5. Access share from same machine (Via Network Places)
  6. Perform Explorer Testing again i.e rename a dir
  7. Access from External OS /
    1. Use XP
    2. Use win2k3 (WHS if available)
    3. Use Win 7 x32
    4. Use Win 7 x64
  8. Use Win 2k8 (Use WHS if available)
  9. Use Win 7 Ultimate

Performance Testing

Create very deep and Some directories with large number of files for copying to and from tests

  1. View Large number of files (>1000)
  3. Copy large amount of data that will force a breach of a the main source area /
  4. Perform a "Find Files"
  5. Perform a directory / File move within the mount /
  6. Perform a spanned directory delete

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