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Drive Fails to Mount on Startup


When ever my computer boots I get a status with the tray icon along the lines of, "Service Status: Fatal Error" Nothing very descriptive. I have checked the logs and they don't say much more than that either. When ever I Control-Click the tray icon and start the service everything seems to work perfectly fine.

Attached are the logs

I have a couple more issues related to sharing the drive, the first is most likely caused by the delay in the drive mounting. I can create a separate Issue Ticket for these if you would like and we can handle them later/separately.
After I get the drive to mount I need to share it, by hand, through Windows. This might just be caused by the fact the drive isn't mounted right away.
Sometimes a second share of "Liquesce" shows up on the network.
When ever I try to Refresh the Sharing Control tab in the Management App the application gets a "Unhanded exception" error.

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charredchar wrote Oct 11, 2015 at 8:59 PM

A quick update. I installed Windows 10 on that machine, it needed a fresh install as noted by the fact that Liquesce no longer errors when I refresh the drive list under Sharing Control.

While everything seems to be working fine on this fresh install I still have the issue of it not starting automatically on system boot. I also now get a new error when ever I start the service, "Server Status. Liquesce service is off. Please start the Liquesce server first then try to connect." Though again, ignoring the error, the mounting point seems to work as it should.