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Unable to open management App


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I had this program installed a while before and I am interested in trying it again. I don't remember which version. I downloaded Liquesce_Setup 2014-03-02.sfx.exe.

If I right click on the system tray icon and choose management App, I receive an error "Value can not be null. Parameter name: source. If I click on all programs > Liquesce MGT, I receive the same error.

When I look at my computer, it shows Liquesce has pooled some of my drives together. The ones I had it pool together when I had it installed before. How do I get it to open the management app so I can add another drive to the pool?

OS is Windows 7 pro 32bit

I tried renaming C:\Program Files\Liquesce\Liquesce Service\LiquesceSvc.exe.config to LiquesceSvc_test.exe.config and tried to access the Management App again. Then, I rebooted the computer and tried again. Both times I received the same error as before.

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The solution also fixed my issue.

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