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Liquesce opening CMD?


First off, thank you to smurfiv!!! So many props for making this open-source and free for all... you'll never know how much you are appreciated for it!

Now onto the issue, I'm not 100% sure it is Liquesce's problem or something that started on my PC around the same time I set up Liquesce, but about every hour or two (and when I first power on my PC), a CMD prompt will randomly open up with the message "The system cannot find the path specified." This also seems to happen at the same time as XBMC stops playing whatever movie/TV show it's playing and starts "buffering". I've also noticed with Liquesce running and uTorrent downloading multiple files to the drivepool, XBMC buffers a lot as if the hard drives are maxed out, and uTorrent errors out many torrents with the message "Operation could not be performed." The only idea I've had is that possibly one of my hard drives is disconnecting briefly and causing havok, but I'm no expert.. it could have something to do with Liquesce as it started immediately after setting it up.

Thanks everyone, and especially smurfiv for this awesome solution!


smurfiv wrote Aug 7, 2014 at 6:33 PM

Thanks for the praise, it helps keeps thing rolling :-)
As for uTorrent, there is already an issue that I need to "Eventually" get round to investigating,
But currently I would recommend setting the write target directly to the drive, as the torrent files are created via sparse allocation and really do "Thrash" all caching (OS, and drive, and via uTorrent settings)

If you to want to help out, then please read how to create logs (Single thread, Trace level, recreate stop etc) and all your findings to the existing (Or create new for ease of tracking) issue.