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Windows Media Center not showing all files in pool folders


First of all, thanks so much for creating Liquesce, it works great so far, except one problem im facing with windows media center.

In Windows Media Center the pool folders added to Windows Video/Movie Libraries (so they show in Media Center) only show some of the files in the folder, e.g. 26 out of 110, or 66 out of 110, sometimes all files are shown, everytime I enter the folder its random luck if I can see just 26 or 66 or 88 or 110 (all) files.

Ive attached the zipped Logs (debug, thread 0).

Also Im seeing some errors like this in the logs, but dont know if its related:
2014-04-06 12:56:11.0177[3] DEBUG LiquesceSvc.LiquesceOps: GetFileSecurity[\MOVIES\A Serious Man (2009)\backdrop2.jpg][DACL_SECURITY_INFORMATION] with Length[0], refFileHandleContext[23787], userFileKey[23801]
2014-04-06 12:56:11.0177[3] ERROR CBFS.CBFSWinUtil: CBFSWinError The data area passed to a system call is too small
at LiquesceSvc.NativeFileOps.GetFileSecurity(UInt32 securityInformation, IntPtr securityDescriptor, UInt32 length, UInt32& lengthNeeded)
at LiquesceSvc.LiquesceOps.GetFileSecurity(CbFsFileInfo fileInfo, CbFsHandleInfo userContextInfo, UInt32 RequestedInformation, IntPtr SecurityDescriptor, UInt32 Length, UInt32& lengthNeeded)
at CBFS.CBFSHandlersAdvanced.GetFileSecurity(CallbackFileSystem sender, CbFsFileInfo fileInfo, CbFsHandleInfo handleinfo, UInt32 securityinformation, IntPtr securitydescriptor, UInt32 length, UInt32& lengthNeeded)

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Delph wrote Apr 6, 2014 at 5:19 AM

btw, in Windows Explorer it always shows all files in the Pool Folders, instantly and fast, it seems this issue is related how Windows Media Center "scans" the files.

I thought maybe something is interfering, so installed a completely clean Windows 8 x64 with WMC, setup same Pool, issue can be reproduced there as well.

smurfiv wrote Apr 6, 2014 at 11:09 AM

Thanks for the report.
I'll have a look at the logs.

The_Catman wrote Mar 17, 2016 at 5:19 AM

I seem to have a similar issue with Plex, when trying to set it up with my pooled media drive it seems to only find TV shows up to titles starting with "p" and music with artists names starting with "a". Sometimes i can get it to find all my TV shows, but the next time it does a scan to update something it removes it all from the library like it can't seem to find it anymore, but the pooled drive is still behaving appropriately as far as explorer and most other programs are concerned (other than a probably unrelated issue i'll be making a new issue for in a minute).