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TODO (Extras not in planning yet !)

  • Start Phase 2

Phase 1

  1. The First Tray
  2. Advanced Settings
  3. Fix some issues
  4. Some more fixes and tweaks
  5. Folder Space View And Other Tray App Changes
  6. distributed _backup folders
  7. Simple Client Share Enabler
  8. LGPL Aware Installer                             <--- In Testing
  9. Aspiration (Phase 1) Complete        <--- Awaiting outstanding fixes

Blocking Issues

- Win 7 (64) <-> win 7 (64) Maybe a Dokan bug see ticket


Phase 2

Currently in the “Thinking stage”, so please add your suggestions.

  • Refactor and make ready for Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF), (or similar).
  • Remove the existing “Spread” options and convert into MEF.
  • Investigate the usage WPF for some / all of the Forms.
  • Better examples / explanations of what is going on.
  • Publish events to allow other services (Not MEF this time) to perform external actions; e.g. triggers for script engines.
  • More than one spanning drive
  • Extended Feedback via the tray application
  • A better management app to set which folders to be automatically backed up
  • External service module(s) to perform the backup / mirror / _Something else functionality

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