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Shares and Sharing

Hard drive formats (File Systems)

Directories (Deleting etc)

How To Get Logs

How are the files spread across the drives ?

How do you set up the merging

Advanced Settings



Shares and Sharing

Do Liquesce views have their own share user/group security ?

  • Currently - Whatever the system has set up for access, should be replicated when the service restarts
    • But you need to let Liquesce know what to restore when it starts up (Which is after the lanmanserver !!)
    • i.e. You need to store these in Liquesce; see Advanced Settings


I am having trouble with XP accessing shares

See the workaround here: or use the Advanced settings button

I am having trouble with Shares between different x64 and 32bit OS types.

See the work around here: or use the Advanced settings button

I am having trouble with XP Serving other XP clients

See the workaround here: use the Advanced settings button


What file systems does this work with?

  • This will not work with FAT or FAT32 formats,
  • Put simply - It does not care for the FS as long as ACL system calls work
    • If the Windows OS can read / write to it, then according to the MSDN, this should be able to as well.
  • I have NTFS (3 / 4) and exFat currently being used.



What Happens when a directory is renamed?

  • Internal to the dokan driver this is presented as a directory move to a new name.
  • The rename will then be cascaded to all directories that make up that current view.


What Happens when a directory is Moved?

  • All Spanned directories are moved in preference order
  • The Target drive will be the 1st in the list
  • This means that if a file has a duplicate, the highest in the preference order (And the one that would have been presented in the Mount view) will be written first
  • A delete operation will follow the copy to perform an internal transaction using the windows Kernel MoveFileEx(...)


What Happens when a directory is Deleted?

  • All the directories that make up the current known view will be deleted.
  • Recursion will not  be performed by this service, as that is supposed to have been taken care of by the “Caller application


What Happens when a directory is moved from the Mount to an existing source?

  • The operation should succeed but beware of the scenario in Delete directory (If spanned) will not delete "All" sources of that directory
    • This means that if move from the Mount to the same location in the highest drive, all data will be deleted.
    • This is due to the Dokan driver not being informed of anything going on outside of it's mount (i.e. the copy before delete)
  • So basically Do not do that !

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