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12-01- Re-Focused Release (with security)

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Released: Apr 29, 2012
Updated: May 31, 2012 by smurfiv
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Application Liquesce_Setup 2012-04-29 Beta 2
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Application Liquesce_Setup 2012-01-28 Beta 1
application, 546K, uploaded Jan 28, 2012 - 386 downloads

Release Notes

Blocking Stable Release:

- Cannot rename folders with 12-01-beta2 in XP Server
- Disk Full with "Total Commander" file copy on 12-01-beta2 XP Server
New code will be the next release (12-06)

- Done in Code

- Add numericUpDown range control to the property Gird
- fixed Advanced Settings - File Detail Cache Seconds
- Addition of buttons to allow user to perform the workarounds for SMB and EnableOpLocks overrides.
- fixed Create new files when All the sources have below the Hold-Off area is not handled well.
- unable to reproduce Number of Folders not showing up over a share

2012-04-29 Beta 2 (RC2)

Please help by reporting any Features / Issues / Concerns you have encountered and what you are installing it on. Cheers
- Fix some exceptions thrown when format syntax strings where not done properly
- Fix Deleting directories
- Solved Problems sharing a drive (Hosted on XP) (See workaround in Item)
- Solved 0.6.0 Sharing on Win 7 x64 & x32 Host Locks up XP Client (See workaround in Item)
- Fixed Folder case sensitivity merge problem



And as always - Fix / investigate some issues

- Change the space usage to be a table with scroll-bars to give better layout options (And sorting etc.)
- Error 1450: Insufficient System Resources for Service
- Dokan Move A directory to its parent (Over a share) does not pass correct information to UserSpace

2012-01-28 Beta 1 (Release Candidate)

- Testing
- Multiple mounted points from the same drive will increase reported drive space
- The "Re-Focused" release (Alpha4) does not allow files to be edited over a share - solved by Possibly solved the x64 Sharing Issue
- Free space form should store it's layout
- On Windows Server 2003, Dokan 0.6.0 Version is not detected Correctly
- Tested and unable reproduce Appears to be a 4GB File Limit over a share
- Tested and closed Teracopy 2.2 does not copy from Liquesce shares
- tested and closed VLC cannot access File Over Dokan Hosted Share
- The TrayHelper GPF's when trying to start a service that is already started


- Detect Drive Format of "FAT" and remove from the selection list
- Creating a directory - when that dir name already exists - can make the directory appear twice in explorer
- Rename directory (Folder mode) will not rename all sources of that directory (via a share)
- PureSync does not work due to issues with the dokan Driver
- In XP, the System Volume Information is explorable
- On initial install, New Drive N shows in Management App
- Default startup value needs to be set to Min value
- Tested and shown to be working: Sharing on restart is broken in Win 7x32 Ultimate
- The License warning in the installer needs to change
- Messages sent to Application Tray fail for some users and on some OS's
- Add new warning to the share dialog, indicating that shares my not work.
- Fix the "Features" introduced by the last lot of .Net to Win32 API replacements.
- Sort out the firing of the ShellNotify for file updates for both source and mounted names.

Alpha 4

- Switch to using for the GetFileInformationByHandle() for speed (Probably) and direct return of upto date information from the native file system.
- Fix the "Left over" text for the backup in the space display.
- Re-focused the need for security on the GetFileInformation and SetFile operations.
- Add code to inform explorer (And other Apps via OS) that things have changed in the mounted drive SHChangeNotify API.
- Renaming a file in a Subdirectory causes file to be moved to root (Re-Focused Release) and ""

Alpha 3

- PI - Large file numbers are slow to display
- PI - Notepad Save (over share) Denied in 0.6.0 and Win7 x64
- Backup mode has trouble allocating space when all the space is at one end
- Test Usage of "Hot Swap" drives
- Open a file with notepad across a share causes a notepad to report "Incorrect function"
- Obey GNU license requirements
- XP Testing - Network access - Found Problems
- Win7 x64 Testing - Network Access - Found Problems
- Find the System.exe ID to prevent impersonation of it. - This is to workaround the impersonation of a user coming over the share access!!! Alpha 2
- Remove the "Old" client share enabler projects from Source control
- Add GNU header requirements to the cs files
- Created the current Test Document
- Add security impersonation to all the API's
- Add some speed up with some of the functions
- Completely re-write the security API's And test under various account types (SACL_### now works :-)
- Perform testing with Kernel 6.1 OS's

Alpha 1

- Liquesce: It needs a boost…
- Liquesce And Its Modes
- Liquesce modes – How do they work?
- Remove the .backup option
- Remove the .mirror option
- Fix code from the options removal
- Add the Cache Helper class
- Remove the defunct ShareEnabler code
- Change how file Read and write detect if a context has been passed in (Thanks NightThunder)
- Add some more focused exception messages in MainForm
- Add manifest file to the service to run as high as possible (For FileSecurity API's)
- Implement workaround for as manifest does not work for share access
- Fix the tray m

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