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distributed _backup folders

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Released: Oct 26, 2010
Updated: Nov 13, 2010 by smurfiv
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Release Notes

Fixed / Changes to Code

Find Files throws Illegal Character in Path
can't copy file to subdir in balanced or backup mode
Head is broken
Make this work with SyncToy (From Changeset 57443 onwards)

Open Issues

PureSync does not work due to issues with the dokan Driver
Copying past the Hold off area states success but the file(s) / Directories are not created
Rename directory (Folder mode) will not rename all sources of that directory (via a share)
Free space form should store it's layout
Error 1450: Insufficient System Resources for Service
Backup programs need testing with "_backup" mode feature <- In Progress

"_backup" Feature Overview

Imagine you have only one Liquesce disk and a .backup directory in it. If you copy data from your root dir to the "backup" , Liquesce should automatically detect these copys as backups and places the files/folders on a different physical disk than the original file. So if one disk crashes you don't loos data (at least since the last backup you did in "backup"). It isn't possible to put other files/folders in the "backup" dir if they are not found in the root. This is to prevent a wrong usage of the "backup" folder. And you can choose which files you want to back up by not copying the others.

So to make it more clear:
physical Disks:
Liquesce Disk:

You have "T:\_backup" .
First you create a data file in "T:\folder\newfile.txt". It will be placed for example on "D:\folder\newfile.txt" .
Then you copy "T:\folder\newfile.txt" to "T:\backup\folder\newfile.txt" . The new "backup" thing will make sure that this file will be placed on "E:\_backup\folder\newfile.txt" .

If D:\ crashes then you have the backup. If E:\ crashes then you have the original file.
Easy feature but a powerful result :-D

There is one important limitation for this: If you move files from one physical drive to an other then it is possible that the original and the backup is on the same physical disk. So you shouldn't write on the physical disks if you use "_backup"

Like discussed in the "mirror" thread we can think about presenting the "backup" folder as an own Liquesce drive and filter it in the data drive.

It should be also possible to use "backup with file sync programms. Just sync you data in the "backup" folder. So we would also be able to have a kind of non realtime mirroring feature in a few days, like in the WHSv1 but better and more transparent :-).
Right now I am not thinking of dropping the "_mirror" feature which should write the mirrored files live in the end of the implementation, like in WHSv2 but better and also more

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for an idea of how this is developing

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