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15-0x Move to .Net 4.5.x

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Released: Feb 21, 2015
Updated: Apr 26, 2015 by smurfiv
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Release Notes

Where have I Been ?

So I have been struggling with reliability problems with the development machines strip raided HDD's (6 off).
So have decided to buy myself some Christmas presents to replace them, via the use of "HyperDuo". But the parts for this experiment will not arrive until the new year!.
Update: HyperDuo is Hype! So had to save up for an SSD and place some VM's on that. In the meantime I have been updating Elucidate to ensure my "Pool of Drives" is safer to install the later versions of CBFS into. See below for some of the fixes supplied for that.

What's Next ?

This next phase of development will drop XP support due to the move to .Net 4.5.x.
Also, I will probably drop support for Fat32, so that I can finally nail the recycler bin usage when not mounting root directories.

Your chance.....

- Now is the time to start requesting the features that you would like to see,
- XP will be dropped
- - If someone wants to setup Mono to see if it works then please do, support will be limited, As I have no control over the CBFS interfaces.
- - Use 14-xx for the latest XP and Fat32 versions
- Windows 8.1 will be added to the testing
- Windows 10 / Windows svr2k12 /15 - will be introduced for touch testing.
- Latest CBFS will be used (Currently 5.1.158)

CBFS v.5.1.158

- BSOD when a named stream is created for the root directory and then its attributes are requested.
- Possibility of deadlock when application which supports CBFS callbacks terminates unexpectedly.
- Worker threads, which are used to call the callbacks, could be still alive after the UnmountMedia call and this could cause access violation.

CBFS v.5.1.157

- If more than one named stream existed in the file, error happened during named stream enumeration. Fixed.
- Sporadical BSOD that occured during file closing on the network mounting point. Fixed.

CBFS v.5.1.156

- BSOD occurred sporadically during storage destroying. Fixed.

CBFS v.5.1.155

- FastIO reading code could return incorrect data in some circumstances. Fixed.

CBFS v.5.1.154

- File security attributes for fixed non-PnP storages could not be set. Fixed..
- There was possibility for deadlock to happen if the callback call timed out.
- After timeout occurred a storage could become unavalable. An attempt to access it was completed immediately with the timeout error.

CBFS v.5.1.153

- Possibility of BSOD when files are accessed via an SMB share.
- Sporadically occurred NOMOREIRPSTACKLOCATIONS BSOD when network mounting points are used.
- A file on Windows 7 and later could not be moved/renamed in the case the destination file already existed and had the "read-only" attribute.


- Phase ][ Does not allow Teracopy to work - Re-Opened!
- Use existing folders when in "Folder" mode
- Test installers
- Test other applications
- Re-introduce WinAFRED ->

Issues / Tasks

- 14-01 Free Space Form needs to show Readonly
- 14-01 "Free Space" form needs to show multiple "mounts"
- 14-02 MgtApp - Uncaught Exception after upgrade
- Sparse files support - Investigate, See what could be done.
- Hold-Off size not honored in newest 14-07 Alpha (Folder-mode) - To be tested
- 14-02 Directory rename does not work - To be tested
- 14-02 File Rename does not work - To be tested
- Recycler bin fails in Mixed drive types

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