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14-10 Summer is going !

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Released: Aug 18, 2014
Updated: Oct 11, 2014 by smurfiv
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Release Notes

Use this only for testing

- It is okay for read access, but there are issues when changing / adding / Folders and files.
See the issues at the end of this page

New Features

?? Not sure what's next.
- Please suggest and up-vote..

Current highest is:

- Create an explorer "integration item" that informs the location of the real file - To be worked on
- Issues with multiple rooted directories, and then deleting them.


- CBFS 5.1.152
- DeleteGrantedProcess method didn't work. Fixed.
- If a "fixed" non-PnP virtual storage is present in the system then the command "vssadmin.exe list shadowstorage" finished with internal error. Fixed.
- MoveFileEx operation performed from one CBFS-based network mounting point to another such mounting point failed. Fixed.
- Battling with the Recycler bin when on different formatted drive types.
- - Will make this into an optional paramter, as it is taking too long to fix all scenarios !


- CBFS 5.1.151
- * Improved use of the file data cache for the case when lots of small files are copied.
- * Improved call of the OnDirectoryEnumeration callback. In some cases it was called sequentially even if several directory enumeration requests for different folders were performed in parallel.
- - In the case SAN policy set to "offline" PnP disks failed to initialize.
- Battling with the Recycler bin when on different formatted drive types.


- CBFS 5.1.150
- - MinWorkerThreadCount property hasn't been initialized properly. Fixed.
- - On some machines Explorer didn't update the list of drive letters after the AddMountingPoint and DeleteMountingPoint calls. Workaround added.
- Add support manifests upto 8.1 (inclusive)


- Phase ][ Does not allow Teracopy to work - Re-Opened!
- Use existing folders when in "Folder" mode
- Test installers
- Test other applications
- Re-introduce WinAFRED ->

Issues / Tasks

- 14-01 Free Space Form needs to show Readonly
- 14-01 "Free Space" form needs to show multiple "mounts"
- 14-02 MgtApp - Uncaught Exception after upgrade
- Sparse files support - Investigate, See what could be done.
- Hold-Off size not honored in newest 14-07 Alpha (Folder-mode) - Not consistent in usage - To be tested
- 14-02 Directory rename does not work - High risk of losing data - To be tested
- 14-02 File Rename does not work - High risk of losing data - To be tested
- Recycler bin fails in Mixed drive types

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