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14-07 Must be Summer

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Released: Jul 17, 2014
Updated: Aug 18, 2014 by smurfiv
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Application Liquesce_Setup 2014-07-17.sfx.exe
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Release Notes

Use this only for testing

- It is okay for read access, but there are issues when changing / adding / Folders and files.
See the issues at the end of this page


- Fix initial directory creation
- - Fix empty dir rename
- Handle Drive 1 containg the dir, drive 2 containing the file at a lower point
- - Copying down the dir chain to a non-existing dir whilst inplace is in force.


- Add new feature: UseInplaceRenaming Option to move files on same disk but new location
- File Renaming 14-02 File Rename does not work
- - Sort out problem with rename.
- - Make sure rename uses the file size to allow merging
- - Implement in place renaming
- - Testing File inplace
- Improve performance
- - Use ReaderWriteLockSlim on internal file cache
- - Use SetFilePointer with 0 first to get the position, before always moving for reads / write (Prevent Shlemiel algorithm problem)
- Remove unused References in projects.
- Remove thirdparty FileSystem transaction code (MS are trying to deprecate it anyway!)
- Directory Renaming 14-02 Directory rename does not work
- - unique folder
- - Spread testing
- - Make sure cache object for all objects in the rename source are removed.
- - Testing directory inplace


- Fix Folder mode usage
- - Test Create file
- - Test rename
- - Test Move file
- - Test Create folder
- - Testing Teracopy
- Improve performance on internal file finding
- Fix exception when config file has be manually edited and HoldOfBytes is an out of range value
- Add "Use Internal Driver cache" mode option (default to true)
- Update to CBFS 5.1.149
- - Sporadic BSOD (access violation) when the network mounting points were used.
- - After directory enumeration had finished (the ERRORNOMORE_FILES returned) a new enumerate directory request with the same handle (and without the "restart scan" flag) restarted the enumeration. Now in order to make a new enumeration the directory must be reopened.
- - Possibility of BSOD during directory enumeration when the "enumeration mask" parameter points to user address space.
- Directory Renaming
- - unique folder
- - Spread testing
- Fix: After UAC request the MgtApp would be at the back


- Add Latest CBFS 5.1.148 (Supposed to fix these things since 145)
- - .NET When a file is renamed OncloseFile callbacks for its handles are called with the zeroed HandleInfo.UserContext.
- - Sporadically occurred BSOD when closing of a file that was opened via SMB share.
- - Possibility of deadlock when several storages are being created at the same time.
- - Sporadically occurred BSOD when the file data cache is used.
- - Setting of the UseFileCreationFlags property also set the ParallelProcessingAllowed property (and vice verse).
- - Sporadically occurred BSOD when the request timeouts are enabled.
- Recompile ".NET Transactional File Manager" to be .Net 4 usage.
- Work on the Fix Folder mode usage


- Phase ][ Does not allow Teracopy to work - Re-Opened!
- Use existing folders when in "Folder" mode
- Test installers
- Test other applications
- Re-introduce WinAFRED ->

Issues / Tasks

- 14-01 Free Space Form needs to show Readonly
- 14-01 "Free Space" form needs to show multiple "mounts"
- 14-02 MgtApp - Uncaught Exception after upgrade
- Sparse files support - Investigate, See what could be done.
- Hold-Off size not honored in newest 14-07 Alpha (Folder-mode) - Not consistent in usage - To be tested
- 14-02 Directory rename does not work - High risk of losing data - To be tested
- 14-02 File Rename does not work - High risk of losing data - To be tested
- Recycler bin fails in Mixed drive types

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