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Project Description
Definition: melt from solid to liquid; mix in
Synonyms: fuse, liquefy, blend, pool.

This project will take the Dokan Library, with .Net and attempt to solve some of the issues of making a number of drives / directories appear as one pool dir in Win XPsp3 / 7 / 2008 ....


(Phase 1):

  • A Service that performs the actions to create the pool.
    • Allow re-enable the shares (If any) and perform the merging on start-up.
    • Attempt to perform the necessary ACL actions.
  • A Management GUI to aid in the construction and to show what the existing merging will "Look like" to the clients of the pool letter;
    • Could this be a WPF app into the service ?
    • Some helper (Tool-tips etc) to make the GUI easier to use for the first time user.
    • Stop - Start service to apply the changes.
  • Application Tray user application;
    • Allow user to see if there are any issues that the service may have:
      • Running out of space,
      • unable to delete,
      • Stats.
  • An "Aware" Installer
    • Check the correct version Dokan Library.
    • Check correct version of .Net
    • Notify of Failure
    • Use WIX installer for this development.
  • Some Test Scenarios


Phase 2:


Phase 3:

Currently in the “Thinking stage”, so please add your suggestions.

  • Refactor and make ready for Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF), (or similar).
  • Remove the existing “Spread” options and convert into MEF.
  • Investigate the usage WPF for some / all of the Forms.
  • Better examples / explanations of what is going on.
  • Publish events to allow other services (Not MEF this time) to perform external actions; e.g. triggers for script engines.
  • More than one spanning drive
  • Extended Feedback via the tray application
  • A better management app to set which folders to be automatically backed up
  • External service module(s) to perform the backup / mirror / _Something else functionality
  • ?



Aspirations phase 1 diagram:-




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