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Feature Requests

Jan 27, 2015 at 10:11 AM
Hi! Just recently stumbled upon Liquesce, it's looking pretty awesome.
By combining it with disparity, I've gotten both safety and drive pooling.

I did stumble upon a few features I would really like to see implemented:

1) Landing drive
The option to specify a drive where files land and later get distributed to the other drives. E.g. I might have a storagepool comprised mostly of 5400rpm drive, but also a few 10k rpm drives. I could then specify all data to land on the fast drive(s) (perferably just a portion of the drive) and have Liquesce distribute it to the remaining slower drives later.

2) Inclusion of UNC paths
I have a few old NAS boxes standing around I would like to include in the pool. Nothing fancy required, just the ability to add a share/unc/network drive to my pool.

Other then that I've so far been very happy with the product, it was easy to setup and the GUI isn't cluttered by features, tooltips or flashy graphics. Mind you, I have noticed tooltips here and there, but so far they have actually managed to be informative.