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Liquesce sharing with samba on x64

Oct 17, 2010 at 2:57 PM

Maybe you've already noticed that it is very difficult to create a working share on a x64 os. It seems that it is a dokan problem or something with the drivers... Anyway smurfvi is the expert with this.

So right now we have to find a workaround:

.) One idea was to replace dokan which could be a very big challange.

.) The second idea I've heard is to implement a webdav server in liquesce. Nice idea but other service.


.) My new idea was, why not using samba for this and replace the sharing feature from windows. Samba is compatible to the old smb and the new cifs which means every windows can handle shares. If it's true what I read ( then it should be easy to install it on a windows machine. And the best: you don't have to use the ntfs rights to mange the access rights. This should make it possible to use liquesce with it.

I've no time to test this since I'm implementing other stuff at the moment but it should be possible to test this without having to code new features in liquesce. So if somebody has time and is interested then try it and tell us how it is performing. Try to run samba on a windows machine and configure a share on the liquesce drive. All information to this is welcome

Oct 17, 2010 at 4:00 PM

Thanks for starting NEW THREAD..

Here's my understanding, (Which I think need modification or confirmation)

Samba is the linux implementation of SMB/CIF protocol that windows uses for share authentication, It also keep sup with the latest standards (samba that is)

So if you want to access shares that are josted on a windows environemnt, you normally install the latest samba ddeamons onto the linux guest and then it can run at level 6 (?) ofthe network stack and access the LanMan share via the neceassry calls.

Have I missed something ?

Now that link that you sent has all sorts of Newbies complaining that they have now killed their XP - that's not a good sign, as we really need this to work on XP64 guest accessing a share on an x64 Host.

Oct 17, 2010 at 4:33 PM

So the question is: Is it possible to run samba on a win7 x64 without having troubles?

And: Has anybody time to test this with a virtual machine?

Oct 17, 2010 at 5:07 PM

I could try on a VM within the week.

I have second thoughts on ignoring Windows native CIFS/SMB and instead using a... emulator of the same thing (that Samba is) under Cygwin. One thing to consider is performance too.

Short off topic: I haven't followed the development of Dokan, but IS development active? I mean is there any point waiting for some breakthrough concerning our issues or we are really knocking an empty house's door?

(in that case replacing Dokan altogether maybe is what must happen ANYWAY)


Oct 22, 2010 at 7:12 PM

Without a VM I don't see how samba would work on windows as it would need to run on the same port.  I wouldn't accept a VM as a solution as the performance drop would be too great.


I've written what is essentially a basic tcp web server in c# gave it some big buffers and gave it a blast over my gigabit network.  Whilst there are tweaks that could be made performance wasn't too bad at 85mb/s considering this is a managed solution.  If there is no possibility of dokan getting fixed then rather than going with webdav (It really sucks), i'd suggest going with a custom protocol.  Being able to merge say disks from my local machine and a remote one would be quite funky i.e. You install the service on both machine and they talk to each other.  I don't think implementation would take all too long either as its not like its a complex solution.

Oct 22, 2010 at 10:11 PM

There is a way to run samba as a win compile on a windows machine without any virtual machine. The thing is nobody tested it with the current win versions like win 7 x64. And this disable native windows share functionality seems to be a little bit risky. Thats why it would be good to test this with a virtual machine.

As I read on some forums there is a way to run samba without vm or even without cygwin. by the way... i hate cygwin because i had to use it in 3 projects right now and in every case it was horrible to set it up. so I want to find a native samba compile for windows.

Oct 22, 2010 at 10:22 PM

IfIi was going to write a client app then it could also run dokan, so that explorer's, Media App's, Notepad style memory mapped apps would work without modification.

The trouble with doing that, is the user authentication to the "shares" at the Server side.

It's all possible, and I am coming round to this idea the more I play with trying to just setup the winDDK for Win 7 64 bit.. It's a pain In the A...

I could do this in Win XP but that does not have the problems..

So.. Without the Samba-  I think a client style install that "Talks" to the  service via WCF (It's efficient and works), with authentication (It will need to work for serives accessing lanman style shares as well  - That could be tricky !) It is possible and well within the realms of the existing Dokan signed Driver install.

I'll give the Win DDK just this weekend before I give up on it, and then start the client stuff to see if it gives a good throughput.

Keep the testing and suggestions coming...