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Start-up and Anti Virus programs

Aug 14, 2010 at 12:01 PM

Seems like when the new drive is detected, Anti-Virus programs go mental.. Basically they see a new connected HDD (Not USB) and start their immediate scans. This means that the start up time and general first explorer experiences are a bit of a drag. This will need to be indicated somehow to the user, either in the installer / FAQ / or tips.

The AV's can be legitimately disabled for the new drive, as they are just reflecting what the OS can already see. This could also be the reason they go a bit CPU hungry, as they will see something access the real file and then try to detect wht is doing that (Themselves but from a different location).. So Each file is an AV deadlock capable situation.. I'm sure they must have thought about that at least once (The AV Programmers that is !).


Thoughts on how to make this clear to the users please ?